Monday, September 29, 2008

Nic Bishop Frogs

Bishop’s latest non-fiction effort, is a wildly appealing celebration of frogs – with all of the color and dazzle these amazing creatures have to offer.

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas

Every wizard carries a stone of power that allows him or her to focus magic and work spells. When gutter thief Conn picked the pocket of the powerful Wizard, Nevery, stealing his locus magicalicus stone, he should have been instantly killed by that power. Intrigued by the fact that the boy suffered no negative effects from touching his stone, Nevery takes him on as an apprentice with the condition that Conn must find a locus magicalicus of his own. In his search for his stone, Conn makes an astounding discover about why the city of Wellmet is losing it's magic and about the nature of magic itself. Full of intrigue, adventure, and truly likable characters, this is one of my favorite new fantasy titles of the year.

Sally and the Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold

When Sally’s purple socks begin to stretch, she uses them first for a scarf and a cap and then, as they continue to grow, as curtains and a blanket. But, the growing doesn’t stop there and neither does the fun in this quirky, imaginative tale with a just-right ending.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes

Snuggled down for the winter, Old Bear soon finds himself dreaming of magical seasons when he was young. From flowers as big as trees in the spring to blueberry raindrops in summer, bear's dreams bring each season to life with a touch of wonder. Kevin Henkes thick-lined watercolor illustrations accent each time of the year perfectly.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nick of Time by Ted Bell

Twelve-year-old Nick McIver and his little sister Kate live on the smallest of the Channel Islands in 1939 - on the brink of war with Germany. His father, a pilot injured in WWI is the lighthouse keeper for the tiny island where Nick doubts any real adventure will ever find him. More than anything the likable Nick wants to be a true hero like his idol - Admiral Lord Nelson of the Royal Navy. Any time, his courage is tested he chants to himself, "Nelson the strong, Nelson the brave, Nelson the lord of the sea." On one of their many excursions along the sea shore, Nick and his sister discover a mysterious old sea chest that looks like new and bears the name Captain Nicolas McIver - Nick's ancestor. Shortly after the discovery a truly evil pirate named Captain Blood enters their lives and kidnaps Nick's beloved dog, Jip, in an attempt to get his hands on the locked chest. Desperate for help, Nick turns decides to brave the forbidding Castle Hawk in an attempt to reach the owner, Lord Hawk, who has some desperate secrets of his own. With Hawk's help, the chest is opened and Nick finds himself the owner of an amazing time travel device - one of only two in existence. The other belongs to the evil Blood himself. With the help of the device, Nick and his companions embark on a journey back to 1805 to save Nick's dog and Lord Hawk's missing children. With plenty of honor and courage as well as more than a share of blood and death, this title is full of old-time adventure that will appeal to many readers, particularly boys.