Monday, March 23, 2009

Birds by Kevin Henkes; illus. by Laura Dronzek

As a huge Kevin Henkes fan, I was surprised (and a little dismayed) to discover that his latest offering is illustrated by Donzek (who also illustrated his title, "Oh!"). However, my disappointment quickly disappeared. This is a lovely title that perfectly captures birds from a child's perspective. My favorite pages of the book show many birds sitting in a row on a wire: "Once I saw seven birds on the telephone wire. They didn't move and they didn't move and they didn't move. I looked away for just a second ..." The reader turns the page and sees... a single thick black line running across two empty pages and the words, "and they were gone." That's just how it is with birds. Hundreds can be spread out in front of you and, blink, they are gone! The pictures do an excellent job expanding on the text throughout the story and are paced just right to supply the reader with several "Aha" moments. Just right for even the youngest bird enthusiasts.

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