Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peak by Roland Smith

When Peak Marcello is caught climbing a skyscraper in New York City it looks like he may be experiencing less friendly skies for awhile (or no sky at all!). However, when his estranged father offers him the opportunity to climb Everest together and rigs it so Peak doesn't have to serve any time if he leaves the country with his father, Peak jumps at the opportunity. Peak quickly learns that this climb comes with strings attached and that his father isn't in it just so he can spend some time with his son. In the course of facing this incredibly difficult physical challenge, Peak learns a lot about himself, his father, the family he left behind in the States, and the direction he wants to take his life. This title has plenty of gripping action to keep the interest of even wary readers and the intriguing characters make it even more appealing.

1 comment:

Adam said...

great book.mindboggling and it gets the old brain gears moving.
i cant wait to reach a peak of my own.