Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clementine: Friend of the Week by Sara Pennypacker - AUDIO BOOK

Clementine is going to have the greatest week ever! She has been chosen as Friend of the Week for her class. She'll get to do all kinds of fun things like feed the fish, collect the milk money, serve as line leader, and tell her autobiography. But, best of all, at the end of the week, all of the kids will write in a notebook about everything that makes Clementine the best friend. Acting on suggestions from her friend, Margaret, Clementine sets out to make a big impression on her classmates so they will write extra-nice things about her on Friday. However, when Clementine's kitten, Moisturizer, goes missing, "Friend of the Week" glory is quickly forgotten and the sad little girl devotes herself to finding her beloved pet. This story carries readers to the highest highs of third grade and the lowest lows of a young girl fearing she has lost something she loves forever. Narrator Jessica Almsay convincingly captures all of these emotions in her telling. As Clementine joyfully tells Margaret of her Friend of the Week appointment, Almsay picks up the pace, elation filling her own child-like voice. Then, as Clementine realizes she may never see her beloved kitten again, Almsay slows down, at times pausing between each word to help the listener genuinely connect with the young girl's sorrow. Fans who already adore Clementine will be transfixed by this reading and those who don't will come to love her through Almsay's pitch-perfect telling of Clementine's latest adventures.

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