Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Islands of the Blessed by Nancy Farmer

I picked up Sea of Trolls, the first book in this trilogy, simply because I have historically enjoyed reading Nancy Farmer.  By the time I turned the final page, it had become my favorite book written by her (and that's saying a lot!).  Then, I read The Land of the Silver Apples with some trepidation - could it live up to the original with a boring title like that?  When the last page came, I was more hooked than ever.  Finally, the concluding volume arrived.  But my stacks of books were huge and I just didn't get it read until this month.  Jack and Thorgil's final adventure did not disappoint.  This time around Jack, Thorgil and the Bard set off to rid Jack's village of a vengeful, restless spirit that is set on settling a score regardless of the innocents that get hurt by her wrath.  The journey finds them teaming up with the violent Northmen, a giant albatross, fin folk, and even the dead.  Jack and Thorgil's tempestuous relationship adds some fun to the tale as do the many quirky mythical characters introduced along the way.  In the tradition of grand epics, this story has it all - action, adventure, an undercurrent of possible romance, wild beasts, terrifying spirits, and so much more.  And, at the conclusion of this satisfying saga, one final line that made me laugh out loud.  Check it out!

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