Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Theodore Boone - Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Theo is an intelligent, interesting character who helps his friends solve their legal problems.  He tackles everything from helping a girl whose parents are divorcing, to hooking a boy up with a bankruptcy lawyer in an attempt to save his home.  However, when a key witness in a local murder trial comes to Theo for help he finds he is in over his head.  The witness, an illegal immigrant, refuses to come forward but has information that could ensure justice is served.  I really liked the premise of this book and the characters, particularly Theo, are well-drawn.  That said, there just isn't much action here to sustain the reader.  And, the fact that Theo basically solves his greatest challenge by turning it over to the adults feels like a let-down.  I suspect there will be further books following this intelligent hero and hope they better realize the potential of this young lawyer-to-be.

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